Sri.Mannathu Padmanabhan born on 2nd January 1878 at Mannathu Bhavanam,Perunna, Changanassery.

Birth of mannam – a mural painting

Mannathu Bhavanam

Mannam's mother


Education-a mural painting

His father was Sri. Iswaran Namboodiri of Neelavana Illam and mother Smt.Parvathy Amma.He started education at the age of five.  He was first admitted to fourth standard after completing the early childhood education.  Due to poor financial condition, he was forced to discontinue his studies in the Second Form.

Mannam,an early photograph

Mannam’s handwriting

Document writer-teacher-advocate

He earned some money by writing documents and continued further studies at the age of fifteen. Later he passed teachers training course and became a teacher. He has also passed the Magistrate Examination.  He served in many schools as teacher and Head Master.  While he was working as a teacher in Changanassery Middle School, he was forced to resign the job due to unnecessary interference of the Head Master. He then enrolled himself as a advocate and started practice in Changanassery courts.

In 1901 he got married to Smt.Kallyani Amma who died in 1912. Next year Mannam married Smt.Kuttiamma.  She also succumbed to the small pox disease after six years.  After long 18 years Mannam again married to the famous writer Smt.Thokkattakad Madhavi Amma in 1931.

Mannam’s wofe-Madhaviamma

Mannam and his wife
He was a teacher, an advocate, a writer, orator and stage artist.  He was one of the greatest organizers we have ever seen.  His abilities, cultural heritage, organizing expertise and artistic talents were dedicated to the welfare of the country as well as the community.

Mannam was the life, soul, spirit and the moving force behind the Nair Service Society.  The secret behind the wonder and success of NSS was the self less service and relentless efforts of Mannam.

A karayogam meeting – painting

Death of Mannam

Mannam passed away on 25th January 1970 at the age of 93.

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